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Paper shredding in Kent is a must for business

Secure document disposal

Businesses create a lot of waste as a result of their work. Materials are used for a variety of purposes and many of them are disposable. Office supplies, for example, make up a big proportion of a company's headquarter's and branches' garbage, and people often get rid of it just as any other kind of trash without much consideration. However, there are some residues and leftovers of productive processes that must be treated with care. Not only are some of them dangerous in itself, as in the case of toxic waste or non-degradable garbage, but in some cases the lack of proper treatment of residues may threaten the safety of the company and the clients as well.

Paper disposals such as documents, paperworks, and even notes containing some sort of information about the company's activities or anything regarding its clients - for example, bills, memos, resumes, bank account and card summaries and many others - eventually need disposal because they are replaced or just no longer needed. However, they have vital information about the company's accountancy and data, and customer's information that must be kept safe. 

For this reason, it is fundamental for companies of any size to make sure critical paper disposals are correctly destroyed so this information never reaches the wrong hands or eyes.

The risks of data theft

There are many ways to make money out of data theft or the mere possibility of data disclosure. Black hat competitors might want to nose in your secret details, like business plans, accountancy and even bank data, as a way to widen their advantage over your business. You don't want them to know the details about your company's management, finances and projects. Also, stealing your data is all someone needs to make your firm victim of threats such as fraud, blackmail and other illegal activities. And that might not be the worst part of all.

Your clients' personal and financial information are in your hands, so if you print it on paper and then dispose of those sheets without processing them so they become impossible to read, you are taking the risk by possibly allowing ill-intended people to reach their information. You must assure the safety of your customer's data, to protect them from fraud, unwanted disclosure, dishonest competition and many other nasty things. If your clients know that their data are safe with you, they will trust you and do businesses with your company. However, if there is any leak of information and they find out, you will loose credibility. Your customer base will narrow and they will start walking away from you, in order to protect their personal data.

Processing paper waste sounds like an unnecessary expense, but document shredding is actually an investment for you and your company. You will be protecting your activities and your businesses, and you will also be able to offer your customers and potential clients a higher level of security, which will make them more likely to close a deal with you and entrust you with their personal and financial information.

Paper shredding in Kent

There are many companies in Kent right now working in different sectors, and all of them combined have thousands of clients whose personal information they might be protecting, or not. If your business is based in Kent or you have a working branch in Kent, then you must consider a Kent based document shredding company. These sevices offer the complete destruction of your paperwork and documents, so the information is safe and both you and your clients have peace of mind.

Shred First (www.shredfirst.co.uk) is our first choice when it comes to document shredding in Kent. They offer a very convenient and effective service that will make your activities safer as well as greener, and you know that nowadays people love green companies for one reason or another. When you hire Shred First, they bring to your location, be it a private home or a company's offices, and leave a handy container for you to dispose of all your compromising documents inside your own building. On a regular basis or upon request, they will collect the container and shred all those papers with their special machinery. Their shredders will turn your documents into very thin strips of paper nobody can read. Afterwards, they will take away the waste themselves and to a paper recycling facility, where it will become new paper for another use.

Their services are very convenient because you don't have to worry about anything, just throw your papers in a bin and let them do all the rest.

Business can be really easy, you just need to take your chances!

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  • Paper shredding in Kent is a must for business
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