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Places for HDD destruction in Kent

Every IT decision maker has this one major concern; to be confident that the company is adequately protected from data breach. As you go about your business, are you sure certain that your company’s data is completely safe? A recent study shows that more than 50% of companies have experienced data breach at some point. 

Today, more companies are relying on technology to store up data as opposed to traditional paper files. As data is increasingly added, accessed and stored, vulnerabilities increase with the value of the information stored, according to The Guardian. As estimated 80% of corporate desktops and laptops store sensitive or confidential information.

Now that you realize the value of data protection, you understand how much of a concern it is to both businesses and their customers, as aptly narrated by BBC. This is because data breaches are extremely expensive, with the global data breaches costs amounting to about $4million per incident.

HDD Destruction in Kent

Are you in Kent and wondering how to go about disposing off your old HDD? You have probably come across the trending videos that show people crushing their computers and hard discs in a hydraulic press or dismantling them using an axe. 

 As entertaining as those videos are, they do not address the vital concern of proper data disposal. Dumpster divers can still recover data from broken computers. Luckily, Kent has adequate service providers who can help you with professional IT asset disposal.

Quick Tips to Proper IT Asset Disposal

Let the Experts Handle It

Improper disposal of technology waste brings with it a host of problems, some of which you may not be aware of until it is too late. As such, it is advisable to engage the services of reputable IT asset disposal service providers. It is important to ensure that all the old or broken corporate smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other electronic storage devices are destroyed in compliance to the ever-changing e-waste disposal laws.

Who Exactly Is This Expert Service Provider?

Often times, we have heard horror stories of hard drives from crucial hospital departments disappearing on their way to destruction. Computers have disappeared from the transport trucks on transit to destruction. Therefore, to avoid such incidents befalling your company, you have to ensure that the e-waste disposal service provider you hire will not lose some devices on transit to disposal.

Before you hire any service provider, conduct a background check. You need proof of their reputation, professionalism, licensing details as well as the integrity of their employees. It is also important to ensure that all devices are safe while on transit to recommended disposal venues. As such, the transport vehicles should be fitted with alarm systems and escorted by vetted security personnel.

But Wait, What Will They Do To Permanently Destroy the Data?

One of the most prevalent practices in electronic waste disposal that ensures total destruction of data is breaching. In addition to physically destroying the devices, data breaches are often carried out, even by smaller organizations. Therefore, before you hire an e-waste disposal service provider, make sure they can guarantee that the data is unrecoverable after destruction of the devices.

There will be times when you are not sure whether you want to permanently destroy electronic data. In such cases, a reputable e-waste disposal service provider such as Shredfirst.co.uk will help you get a data destruction program rolling so that you can use it once you are certain of the disposal. Such programs take into account all the e-waste disposal needs.

Get Proof of Proper E-Waste Disposal

This is as important as the e-waste disposal process itself; after all, how can you prove to regulators that proper disposal was done? Well, your disposal service provider must provide you with a certificate which clearly states that all data has been permanently wiped and the physical waste properly discarded. Avoid any service provider who cannot give you that certificate as it will open you up to audit fails and compliance issues.

Parting Shot

Smashing your hard drives looks all fun and games on the hilarious online videos until you are slapped with an improper waste disposal legal issue. The most dangerous thing any company can do is to engage DIY processes of IT data disposal, especially when there is no qualified in-house IT expert to guide on the appropriate processes. It is therefore advisable to contract the services of reputable e-waste disposal service providers. Not only do you save the company loads of trouble with regulators and auditors, you ensure that you comply with the set laws and regulations.

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