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Want A career in Banking, you need training

Getting ready for the future

The world is full of opportunities for success. It doesn't matter what you actually call success: is it making money? Is it becoming famous? Is it reaching happiness? Is it living up to an ideal? Whatever you call it, there are so many things out there, so many places and resources, that the words "I can't" don't really make sense in the real world. Yes, you can. You just have to make it.

Choosing and building a career is no exception to this. There are virtually endless opportunities to conquer, and if you work hard and make the right choices, nothing is impossible for you. You just have to make the effort it takes. Study, learn, perfecti your knowledge, gather experience and move forwards. Make a choice and pick a path for you in life; and follow it. Read More...

Paper shredding in Kent is a must for business

Secure document disposal

Businesses create a lot of waste as a result of their work. Materials are used for a variety of purposes and many of them are disposable. Office supplies, for example, make up a big proportion of a company's headquarter's and branches' garbage, and people often get rid of it just as any other kind of trash without much consideration. However, there are some residues and leftovers of productive processes that must be treated with care. Not only are some of them dangerous in itself, as in the case of toxic waste or non-degradable garbage, but in some cases the lack of proper treatment of residues may threaten the safety of the company and the clients as well.

Paper disposals such as documents, paperworks, and even notes containing some sort of information about the company's activities or anything regarding its clients - for example, bills, memos, resumes, bank account and card summaries and many others - eventually need disposal because they are replaced or just no longer needed. However, they have vital information about the company's accountancy and data, and customer's information that must be kept safe.  Read More...

Places for HDD destruction in Kent

Every IT decision maker has this one major concern; to be confident that the company is adequately protected from data breach. As you go about your business, are you sure certain that your company’s data is completely safe? A recent study shows that more than 50% of companies have experienced data breach at some point. 

Today, more companies are relying on technology to store up data as opposed to traditional paper files. As data is increasingly added, accessed and stored, vulnerabilities increase with the value of the information stored, according to The Guardian. As estimated 80% of corporate desktops and laptops store sensitive or confidential information. Read More...


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Hi everyone! This is Josh Parry from The Stormy Apple Marketing Company. I would have never attained the postion where I am now, if I had not signed up for a training with CIPW. The course was an unforgettable memory and it gave me the skills I needed for my Stormy Apple. All thanks to CIPW!
By By Josh Parry
The Stormy Apple Marketing Company

CIPW offers the kind of training that you can't usually find around now. It never costed me very much too. I personally think that if you are going to start a business and you are in a dilemma, just come over to CIPW!
By Nathan M. Ramsey
Green Knife Print Design

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